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Why Zhongda

ZHONGDA have advanced production equipment:
1. Automated hole punching machine and bending machine. We can punch the 0.9mm holes on 1.5mm thickness plate. Our bend machine have maximum capacity of 2000ton.
2. One step to final products. From raw material to final products, only need one step. The machine is controlled by computer, production capacity is much higher.

ZHONGDA have advanced cleaning equipment:
We have two sets ultrasonic cleaning equipment. One set is 4.5M, the other set is 1M. Also, we have professional pickling trough for stainless steel.


ZHONGDA have impeccable tracking manage system:
Each work-piece have one tracking number and relevant inspection records. It will help to find Non-confirm parts timely and all the inspection record will be kept 3 years at least.

ZHONGDA have rich welding experience welders:
We have participate in internals & packing manufacture more than 20years. Most welders have rich experience.

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