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Structure Packings

Orifice Corrugated Packying:
Orifice corrugated packing is clear and neat filling assembled and small and large corrugation rolled on basis thin board surficial holes. It has characteristics such as small resistance, even gas and liquid distribution, high efficiency, large flow rate and unremarkable magnifying effects etc. It's applied to negative pressure, normal pressure and pressurization operation.

Mesh Corrugated Packing:
Mesh corrugated packing is punched lot of diamond-shaped tiny holes at metal thin slab. It keeps the properties of web corrugated packing and Orifice corrugated packing.

Rolled Pore Plate Corrugated Packing:
Rolled pore plate corrugated packing can improve the wet ability of packing and keep the properties of web corrugated packing.

Web Corrugated Packing:
Web corrugated packing is an important milestone of the development of clear and neat filling. this kind of filling consists of arranged web pieces pressed into corrugation. Obliquity of corrugation is 30 or 45 and the neighbor two pieces are of opposite directions. When filling into the column, upper and lower filling trays cross by 90. It has advantages of high effectiveness, low pressure drop and large flow rate. this product includes BX.CY types, generally used in vacuum distillation, normal pressure distillation and absorption processes of matters hard to separate or thermal sensitive.

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