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Inspection And Test

Raw Material Inspection:
1. Check the material supplier’s mill test certificates
2. Check the material’s quantity, size, surface condition
3. Conduct chemical analysis and mechanical property test

Process Inspection:
1. Inspect single work-piece’s dimension, levelness, bend
degree, hole size, hole location, etc.
2. Inspect the work-piece’s welding result


Cleaning Result Inspection:
After the work-piece pass the process inspection, then go to cleaning to wipe out its oil&grease, dust, and other contaminants. Inspection method:
1. Visual inspection
2. Wipe test
3. Black light test
4. Mirror test (if need)

Assembly Inspection:
After cleaning inspection is good, then assemble on set to inspect its overall levelness, dimension, etc.

Water Test:
Water test is a good way to check the distributor’s working performance. The test items includes:
1. Liquid height in trough
2. Used time of one hole to fill the container
3. Calculate the coefficient variance(CV)

Package Inspection:
1. Check the small parts quantity according to packing list
2. Check the protect method of the internals

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