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Tower Tray
Bubble cap tray is featured with high flexibility and capacity. its best to used for low liquid load and high turn down ratio.   Valve tray is featured with:
1. High capacity, 20~40% over bubble cap try due to vapor blows horizontal and reduce the entrainment, also valve tray gives higher open rate.
2. Higher operation flexibility compared with bubble cap tray.
3. Higher separation efficiency as no barrier on the tray deck, thus little liquid gradient and vapor spread evenly.
4. Lower pressure drop. The vapor tunnel is much simple than bubble cap.
5. Simple design in structure and easy for fabrication.
Sieve tray was invented in early days to apply in which high turndown ratio is not required. Yet gives very low fabrication cost.
Xiesheng provides all the ordinary sieve tray. Includes small holes for improved vapor capacity and Venturi holes for low pressure drop.

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