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Random Packings

Orifice Corrugated Packying:
Pall ring has make great improvement on raschig ring. It can improve the gas and liquid distribution, make full use of inside surface of the ring. Compared with raschig ring, it can improve processing load and reduce the pressure by 50%.

Step Ring:
Step Ring absorbs advantages of short raschig and improves Pall ring. Height diameterratio of the ring is 1:2 and taper rolled edge is added to one end. It reduces resistance when the gas goes through the machine bed and increases flow rate. The intensity of the filling isquite high. Due to its structural characteristics, gas and liquid are distributed evenly and contactarea of gas and liquid is increased, thus improving mass transfer efficiency.
Lntalox Saddle Ring:
The shape of Intalox saddle is between ring and saddle, and therefore having advantage ofthe two. This structure helps distribution of the liquid and increases gas channels. It has smaller resistance, larger flow rate, higher efficiency, better filling intensity and rigidity than PALL ring. It's a king of bulky filling used most widely at present.

Retrofit Inner Arc Ring:
It has appropriate geometric symmetry, good tectonic uniformity and high void ratio. Flux can increase 15-30 percent and Pressure drop can reduce 20-30percent.



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