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Issued Association Certificate Scope Current Expiry Date
LRQA ISO 9001:2008 Manufacture of seamless stainless steel
tubes and pipes
05 August, 2017
LRQA PED 97/23/EC Seamless stainless steel tubes and
pipes In the size range 8mm-508mm O.D
May, 2017
API API 5LC-0034 Manufacturer of CRA Line Pipe 06 March, 2015
DNV DNV Ship-Class Manufacturer of Steel Tubes and Pipes,steel types including Austenitic stainless, 22 Cr duplex stainless, 25 Cr duplex stainless 30 June, 2018
ABS ABS Ship-Class Steel Pipe and Tubes 22 September, 2016
Lloyd LIoyd Shipping-Class Seamless pipes and tubes in austenitic
stainless steel
07 October, 2015
BV BV Shipping-Class Seamless pipes in stainless steel grades 26 November, 2016
CCS CCS Shipping-Class Seamless Austenitic Stainless Steel
Pressure Pipes
30 December, 2016
KR KR Ship-Class Cold-finished Seamless Stainless Steel 
Tubes and Pipes
18 March, 2017
TUV Nord 07-203-9030-WP-1254/14 Austenitic seamless steel tubes May, 2017
IQNET/CQM ISO 14001:2004 Manufacture of seamless stainless
steel tubes and pipes
May, 2017
IQNET/CQM OHSAS 18001:1999 Manufacture of seamless stainless
steel tubes and pipes
14 Decembe, 2017

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